WHY Choose Pine to Palm?

We are a team of Licensed & Insured Arborists, including an ISA Certified Arborist.

With years of experience and over 100 5 Star Google and Facebook ratings in both Winnipeg and Steinbach, Pine to Palm Tree Service is THE tree service you can trust.

What started with humble beginnings has now grown to a reputable company that is known for excellent customer service and a knowledgeable team of arborists.

We are both climbing arborists and have all the necessary equipment to access your trees - including our 60 foot bucket truck and our 74 foot spider lift – the highest spider lift in the province!

From pruning to removals, to plant health care, tree planting, consultations and stump grinding, Pine to Palm is a full service tree care company serving Winnipeg and the southeast. Call us today and experience the difference!

Pine to Palm Tree Service is proud to be the only tree service company in Manitoba to offer AIR MILES® Reward Miles on service. We have partnered with Canada's most recognized loyalty program, the AIR MILES® Reward Program in order to reward our valued customers and to say thank you for choosing us for all your tree needs!

Licensed & Insured
ISA Certified Arborist

​Chris Dropko
PR - 5264A

WHY hire an arborist?

An arborist holds special training in the area of trees and shrubs. Arborists are knowledgeable about the science behind trees – how they grow, what they need and how to provide proper care including diagnosing trees for health, diseases/pests and to make sure your tree is healthy for many years to come!


Storm Damage

We specialize in storm damage and hazardous tree removals. In the case where a tree has fallen on a house, structure, pool, etc in a storm, we can even assist you in helping with your insurance claim and can bill directly to your insurance company!

Tree Removal

It can be an agonizing and emotional decision to remove a tree as it takes many years for a tree to grow and there is often sentimental value. We do our utmost to give you all the options available before removing the tree, however sometimes it’s unavoidable. Our arborists can assess when a tree needs to be removed. We specialize in high risk, large tree removal. Our arborists are trained to safely remove a tree while protecting surrounding structures and property.

Tree Pruning

Whether it’s for appearance or function, Pruning is an art form that requires training, skill and experience. The government of Manitoba requires all tree pruning that is completed for monetary gains be done by a licensed and insured arborist

Brush Chipping

On site brush chipping is a quick and easy way to get rid of trees that may have fallen or have been cut down already. When stacking the brush, please make sure all the “butts” or ends are facing the same way to ensure quick and economical chipping.

Consultations & Hazardous
Tree Risk Assessment

Our arborists can assess your tree for health & safety.

Stump Grinding

Whether you want to remove a stump because you’re planting another tree, doing a construction project or want to be able to mow over the area, stump grinding is a quick, easy and cost-effective solution. Our machine grinds the stump leaving you with a mixture of soil and chips that will break down and provide nutrient-cycling for your lawn and any plants or shrubs around it! We typically stump grind down 4 – 12 inches, depending on your requirements. For planting another tree in the same location, you will want it ground down 12 inches.

Cabling or Bracing

If your tree has a split or crack or has the potential to fail (break apart causing damage to people or property) cabling or bracing might be the option for you. We use a special dynamic cabling system which allows the tree to continue to grow and thrive and gives you the peace of mind to know you have prolonged the life of your tree and can enjoy it for years to come!

Property Maintenance

If you are a condo board, property maintenance company or have commercial tree needs, we are fully equipped to handle any small or large project in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

All-Inclusive service providing custom design, install, supply, warranty, maintenance and storage of Christmas/ Holiday Lights and Decor

Animal Rescue

Due to popular demand, we offer cat/animal rescue from trees. Contrary to popular belief, they don’t always come down on their own! If an animal has been in the tree for more than 24 hours, give us a call! As each municipality/city has their own policy on cat rescue and some Fire Departments are no longer offering this service, we are able to rescue your animal at a fraction of the cost!

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